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Speaker - Automation interactive voice

  Design of interactive applications to respond to events with voice messages express tailored events in question is simpler now than ever. Electris IDE provides all the functionality needed for: processing, storage and management of audio messages At least 32 seconds of sound can be stored in a PLC or HMI Electris. It can be divided into distinct messages that can be controlled separately via specialized Function Block (FB) called Speaker, it can be used in Ladder Logic Diagram (LD) graphic language, but also in textual Structured Text (ST) language. Each FB Speaker can manage one audio message, an application can contain multiple Speaker FB so it can control multiple audio, thus ensuring support for interactivity
Watch the video tutorial: Add voice messages to PLC
Download application: SpeakerControls.rar
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User-Defined Function Block

 Function Blocks (FBs) are the equivalent to Integrated Circuits ICs, representing a specialized control function. They contain data as well as the algorithm, so they can keep track of the past (unlike Functions) FBs have a well-defined interface (prototype) and hidden internals (body), like an IC or black box. In this way they give a clear separation between different levels of programmers, or maintenance people. In Electris IDE all tools and data are FBs these are called the System FBs in addition provides support for working with Custom (user-defined)  FBs. These FBs can be changed, removed or added by the user. Once defined, it can be used over and over again, in the same project, or different projects. Electris IDE provides support for editing / compiling and testing their individual. Custom FBs are stored in classes (text files) in Custom FBs directory from Library. These are edited in Structured Text (ST) programming language.
The format of these files (text file) is that required by the standard IEC 61131-3. This makes them highly re-usable.
Download examples of the use of Custom FBs and FBs_ELib1 library
See also video tutorials Custom Functions - Custom FBs - Use and Editing
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Electris HMI - text graphics and sound

  The new Electris HMIs are genuine PLCs having all these extra features are capable of displaying text and graphics but also to play sound. For programming is used Electris IDE integrated development environment using Ladder Logic Diagram (LD) graphic language combined with textual Structured Text (ST) language
Using its facilities can be built easily even with no previous training events-based applications capable of displaying text or graphics and sound to play well to order digital outputs for example
Download applications: HMI_Windows
Watch the video tutorials: Start programming HMIs with Electris IDE sau Traffic Lights Semaphore on HMI panel
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Fast Counter - Automatic Positioning

 Fast Counter (FC) tool which is equipped Electris IDE can be configured to Posioning -Phase.
This configuration was specifically designed for its use in a closed loop system, having input an incremental encoder for automatic positioning of one or more steps.    
FC tool directly measure the length traveled and closes its contacts when it reached the preset value 
Measured speed is provided on the attached variable Speed output
Watch the video tutorial: Configure Fast Counter as positioning
Download application: AutomaticPositioning.rar